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Recomended Comics

esiner nominee

You are in charge of writing the next big story arc. Who would be in Civil War 3 and what happens? ...

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17 hours ago

Space Cadets Collection Collection

Epic new Pops today! The Batman Who Laughs are
Comic book shop exclusives so come grab them up!

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Metalshark Bro!

Created by Bob Frantz (Co-Founder of Loophole Comics) and Kevin Cuffe (The Elvis Adventures, IF Anthology); artwork by Walter Ostlie (Shiver Bureau, Haxor) and Shawn Greenleaf (Escape From Jesus Island)

METALSHARK BRO! takes place off the coast of Bali where sharks swim along, casually looking for their next meal. Beelzbra, the horrific nephew of Satan himself, interrupts this tranquil patch of mother nature by turning one of the deadly fish into an anthropomorphic shark with a penchant for brutal murder. Wanting nothing more than to be turned back into the happy, swimming creature he was, METALSHARK BRO must collect nine cursed souls for the wretched little demon before he will turn METALSHARK BRO back.

From co-creator of METALSHARK BRO!, Bob Frantz:
“At its very core, METALSHARK BRO! is a tale of honor. Far too often, those who are lacking in honor get ahead by stepping over or selling out anyone for even the smallest taste of success. This mentality may lead to some victories, but they’re short lived. The tale of METALSHARK BRO! shows that enduring the harder, more honorable path can be longer and far more brutal. But it's a path that teaches friendships, valuable lessons, real honor and a whole lot of heavy metal! We are incredibly excited to be part of the Scout team and look forward to working together.”

From Scout Comics President James Haick:
“METALSHARK BRO! is exactly the kind of originality and ‘outside the box thinking’ we at Scout take great pride in. We firmly believe that our Scout ‘Mavericks’ will absolutely love this newest addition to our Scout library and family. METALSHARK BRO! is exactly what our fans have come to love and expect from us.”

Scout Comics was founded to discover, develop, and support content creators in addition to helping translate their projects to different platforms and mediums. The label has had several breakout hits recently, including Zinnober, Obliv18n, The Mall, The Source, and Stabbity Bunny.

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18 hours ago

Space Cadets Collection Collection
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2 days ago

Space Cadets Collection Collection
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About Us

Space Cadets Collection Collection is a huge toy and comic book store with 5,000 square feet that includes table and chair space for up to 75 people for special events, birthday parties or just to stop by and play a game with a friend.

Examples of toy lines that we carry: Star Wars, Star Trek, GI Joe, Super Mario Brothers, Halo, Minecraft, Pokemon, Marvel, DC, Funko, Gundam, Lego, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Transformers and many more. Our prices mirror the current lowest eBay cost plus shipping.

Interested in selling your collection? We offer a consignment program. We do all of the work of pricing, sorting, organizing, picturing and listing to eBay your items. We cut checks on the 15th and 30th of the month for 50% of the sales price of the items sold during that time period. We have LOTS of happy consigners (800+ in 5 states).

We get in hundreds of new comic books each Wednesday and have a pull box service. Subscribers get free bags, boards and 10% off of all comics on their pull list. We have roughly 28,000 back issue comics, as well, most priced at cover price.

This store is VERY kid friendly, clean and spacious. Located in the same shopping center as Flips Gymnastics and the Alliance Fencing Academy. From the Woodlands just take the Woodlands Parkway straight over into Oak Ridge North (this becomes Robinson Road). We are about ½ mile down on your right. From Houston, take the Robinson Road exit, follow the feeder until you see the ramp for Robinson Road (right before the overpass), go through the light. We are about ½ mile down on your right.

We have Drop Off Day Camps during school breaks and the summer. These camps fill up quickly. Join our Facebook page to keep up with us.

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