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Alright guys August is almost over and that means one thing, it's basically Halloween. Come on by and check out all of our spooky plush, patches, and more! We have what you need to make the holiday one to remember.


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New Venomized POP! Figures Rocket Racoon and Daredevil just in time for Absolute Carnage! Which Venomized characters do you want to see?

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Cool title coming soon from AfterShock Comics. Have a good personal alien abduction story to share? All ages appropriate versions only please.

Based on a true story from writer Eliot Rahl (HOT LUNCH SPECIAL, Cult Classic, Quantum and Woody) with illustrations by Clara Meath, MIDNIGHT VISTA tells the tale of Oliver Flores, who went out with his uncle for ice cream 19 years ago, was abducted by (shhhhhhh) aliens and has just now returned - and he remembers EVERYTHING! Issue #1 lands in shops September 4th.

Each of these four teasers is yours to use as you see fit. If you’d like one or all of them customized with your store ID, just drop us a line (with your logo) at steverotterdam@aftershock.ninja. Depending on the complexity of your logo, we’ll have them to you before the cows come home - the alien abducted cows!

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3 days ago

Space Cadets Collection Collection

All the news today! I can barely contain the excitement ! ...

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