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Month: March 2017

Train like a Super Hero!

Saturday, May 6 at 2 PM – 3 PM @ Space Cadets

Ever wanted to have endurance like Batman, Strength like Hulk or speed and agility like Spider-Man? No super serum required here. Come get a quick workout and see what Camp Gladiator is all about. They’ll help you get into super hero shape. Meet two awesome trainers and learn about the program that will help get you super hero ready in time for summer!

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Jim Zub Pits Uncanny Avengers Against Captain America’s Secret Empire

In the aftermath of 2012’s “Avengers vs. X-Men,” Steve Rogers wanted to honor fallen X-Men founder Charles Xavier’s dream of a peaceful co-existence between man and mutants. Thus, he created a special “Unity Squad” of Avengers: a high-profile team whose membership was made up of mutant and human heroes that would work together to solve larger problems, as depicted in Marvel’s ”Uncanny Avengers” series.

Since then, the Unity Squad has undergone a number of changes, including adding Inhumans into their ranks. Unfortunately for them, their founder has rather famously undergone some changes, too — most notably having his history altered by a cosmic entity so that he was now a lifelong deep cover agent for Hydra.

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Amazing news!!

Blue Juice Comics is VERY proud to announce the return of Tim Yates’ ANNE BONNIE! The second arc of the acclaimed pirate-fantasy-adventure will return on July 19th, 2017 with 4 monthly issues. To celebrate, here’s a look at the cover for Anne Bonnie Issue 7.

Pirates, magic and adventure return in this action-packed new issue! Journey back to the Great Sea, where Ariana and the crew of The Crimson Dawn have freed the Shattered Isles from the clutches of the evil Bilgehart! But the real danger is only just beginning. An all-out pirate battle descends on Ariana and her new comrades, and some familiar faces aim to take from her the freedom that she has rightfully stolen. If she’s not careful, she’ll end up locked up … or worse.

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