WHAT METAL is about…at the core it’s a simple story

It’s about the Justice League discovering that there’s more to the Multiverse than they know. There is also a Dark Multiverse, made of dark energy and dark matter, a vast, ancient, roiling realm of all sorts of unknown, nightmarish possibilities–and that this Dark Multiverse is about to invade!

The first wave of attack from the Dark Multiverse? Seven Dark Knights, terrifying versions of Batman, all extensions of his worst fears about himself. And the only way to stop the invasion is to find the Multiverse’s rarest and most mysterious substance, Nth Metal…

It’s a story that touches on some of my favorite DC stories past and present, and connects deeply to the run Greg and I did on BATMAN. It pushes the characters to their very limits, and takes us into realms that are completely new and unexplored in the DCU. It’s Kirby meets Frazetta with a dash of heavy metal thrown in.

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