FCBD Events!

Nerdy Car Show & Competition

Have a Batmobile? DeLoreon? a replica vehicle from a movie or TV show? A car that shows your love for a particular fandom that you want to show off to a crowd? Want to win some prizes as well? all entries will receive $25 gift certificate to Space Cadets Collection Collection and the chance to win a grand prize of $100 gift certificate (more prizes to be announced as we get closer to the event) ! Grand prize winner will be voted on by the event attendees, so spiff up your ride and mark your calendars. Please email commander@spacecadetscollection.com to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited. Vehicle will need to be at event on display from 9am-2pm to be eligible for prizes.

Deadpoolympics and Costume Competiton

Any Deadpool costume. Any version (family friendly only please). Any quality. You only need to put in your “maximum effort” to be as Deadpoolish as you can be in a battle so epic, so insane, that it is known only as Deadpoolympics. Compete in such events as Unicorn Jousting. Francis punching. Pose-off Posing (you posers). Extra points for extra Deadpoolyness. (again, family friendly Pooling only. There will be kids present and hopefully competing). Prizes for the most epic competitors! Don’t miss this event!!

Learn to Draw Deadpool with Justin Harder

Learn how to draw Deadpool ala the Deadpool end credits by the guy who made them!. Simple and fun. Art created by Justin during the live event will be auctioned for charity.

Comic Book Trivia Contest

Bring your A game. This contest has questions from the very easy to the very hard. Study up because the prizes are incredible this year including a 1:100 Ross virgin variant cover of Amazing Spider-man 798.

Nerdcular Warfare Gameshow Live Taping

Watch our guests (and/or compete yourself) argue their way to victory. What happens when you randomly pair one superhero and one sidekick and pit them against other players pairs? Who would win? Debating skills and nerdy knowledge are a must. Winners get the super coveted Nerdcular Warfare Limited Edition super soft tee shirt!


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