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Author: Jenny Banta

New addition for Cadets Con ! Onebrickatatime – Fine Lego Art creations

He will be on site and offers the following: 1. spend $25 on anything at the store you get a ticket you can give to Mr Kraham. He will give you his contact information and you can email him one photo of your choice.

2. He will work on a demo and send you a high-quality digital print. He will also provide a size explanation/resolution/colors used in information on the piece. Finally, he will give you a price estimate should you actually be interested in a commission (no obligation). Commissioned art is made with actual Lego bricks.

Important rules
The image you send cannot be vulgar, offensive, or anything too inappropriate. If he feels that there is something about the image, he will kindly request they send you something else. For example, he doesn’t have a problem with doing a demo of something on walking dead, but if it is too offensive or vulgar then he will request something else.

Any image sent Mr Kraham is subject to copyright and he can give them a demo, but will have to check copyright laws for the characters if you were interested in a commission.
By sending him a photo request, you allow permission for him to repost the image on social media. This rate is not granted if it is a family portrait or something private.
An example of a commission that Mr Kraham made last year.

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