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Author: Jenny Banta

Justice league day signing

Some info about this event. We will be giving away numbered wrist bands beginning at 10 am Saturday. After you receive a wristband you do not need to join the autograph line until 6pm. When you arrive at 6pm you will need to find your proper numerical place in line (we will have signs posted for each numerical group). You can not join the line without a wristband. If you intend to have an item submitted for CGC, you will need to come by Space Cadets Thurs 10-3 or Friday 10-3 or Sat 10-12 noon. After that time, we will be unable to accept any more CGC paperwork. No outside CGC allowed. Please be respectful in line and patient. Do not leave the line to enter the store to take pictures when Mr Lee and Mr Didio arrive. If you leave the line at any time after Mr Lee and Mr Didio arrive , you will be asked to rejoin at the end of the line, so please plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.

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Space Cadets Burning Shadows League Cup Pre Registration Filling Fast

Pre-reg for the October 28th League Cup at Space Cadets
Standard tournament
Registration starts at 11am on Oct 28th to check in with Katie Johnson (who is graciously running the tournament) before tournament start or register if you didn’t get a chance for pre-reg.
Don’t forget to use code “pay in person” as a discount code to make your pre reg free and pay at the door instead if needing to do that, otherwise you are asked to pay with PayPal.

only 6 spots for masters a 5 for junior/seniors!

Get registered HERE while you can.

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Space Cadets October League Challenge on Wednesday the 25th!

This League Challenge will be in the STANDARD format which includes cards from BREAKthrough to Shining Legends. Cards from Crimson Invasion are not legal for this tournament. 4:00PM Registration 5:00PM Start Time!! Please be on time or you won’t get to play. Since the Saturday before and after this event have paid events there is no registration fee. No extra prize support aside from top 4 of each division. Hope to see you there!

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