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Author: Meghan Lominac

Space Cadets Kid Con 2018!

This is a convention for the kids run by kids, with kid vendors, panels hosted by kids and kids guests, kid artists….. You get the idea. Are you a kid and want to be part of this event? Have a club at school that wants to come and be involved? Email Ms Jen at

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Sales Bazaar on it’s way!

It’s your chance to sell your extra collectibles and make a few bucks! $10 gets you a 6′ table and two chairs in our store. You sell your items there, just like the big sales bazaars of old. Items please need to be family friendly and make sense to sell to our customer base please. email: to reserve your table. two per person. Limited number available inside. $5 for outside tables.

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… And Aaron Douglas too!

Guess who’s joining us for the Houston Aftershock store signing at Space Cadets next SAT? How ’bout Battlestar Galactica’s “Chief,” AARON DOUGLAS! So why is Aaron flying down to hang out with Joe Pruett? Come and find out. (I mean, if it’s not a secret, that is)

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