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Author: Meghan Lominac

We’re starting a game show!

What is this all about? We are starting a game show right in our store! Every Thursday 7pm. Help Us Name This: Game Show. Yes, we want your help naming it. How can you do this? Come show up and be part of our “studio” audience. This show will be recorded and broadcast as part of the Kingdom of Geekdom family of shows. What’s the game show about? What would happen if you took 8 contestants and a theme, say: Starships and their Captains. We have 12 fairly well matched ships and captains from all over Geekdom, but them in a random draw and each contestant draws one ship and one captain. These won’t match, of course, but they are now the contestants to use to debate against another contestant as to which would win in a fight. The audience votes as to the winner at the end of the round. 8 become 4, which re-draw for new ships and crew. 4 become 2, who argue to be the ultimate winner! Will it be ridiculous? Yes! Will it be fun? Absolutely. Want to compete? Let us know!

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Year in Review

2017, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.
This was an intense year for comic books/ collectibles both locally and nationally. It was a year which saw the beginning of the collapse of an era of huge growth in the comic convention scene. Nationwide, some did well and others completely collapsed. We had a large influx of great talent to writing and art, thanks to independent comic book companies and big publishers alike. We saw huge story lines run through DC (Dark Nights Metal) and Marvel (Secret Empire). We almost lost huge talents (Brian Michael Bendis) and sadly lost some forever (Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Rich Buckler). Long time comic book stores closed, some around as long as 30 years, and new stores popped up with hopeful enthusiasm and a new generation of innovation. We saw some huge natural disasters: fires in California, hurricanes in Florida, Puerto Rico and history setting flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey. What did I see through all of this? People everywhere reaching out and helping where they could. I felt it very distinctly from everyone in our industry. We were sent money, comics, collectibles, art and more to help raise money for local families that lost everything that they had, some of which came from people I have never met, but stepped to our aid in our time of need. We even received donations from the families that we were raising money for. They gave what little survived to help others who lost all.
This. This is what it means to be a community. This is why I do what I do, and God willing, will continue to do for years to come. If you haven’t heard it yet this year: You are loved. You belong.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another wonderful year. Ms. Jen

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