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Extra Life 2017! Nov 4th!

Come join us in this fundraising event by joining our team here : and starting to raise money today. Share on social media. Come game for 24 hours straight and have fun while raising money for Texas Children’s kids. Must be registered to our team and have raised at least $25 to participate.

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Sales Bazaar on it’s way!

It’s your chance to sell your extra collectibles and make a few bucks! $10 gets you a 6′ table and two chairs in our store. You sell your items there, just like the big sales bazaars of old. Items please need to be family friendly and make sense to sell to our customer base please.…

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… And Aaron Douglas too!

Guess who’s joining us for the Houston Aftershock store signing at Space Cadets next SAT? How ’bout Battlestar Galactica’s “Chief,” AARON DOUGLAS! So why is Aaron flying down to hang out with Joe Pruett? Come and find out. (I mean, if it’s not a secret, that is)

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Look at all of this goodness that came out today!#theprincessbride #labyrinth #st:tng #heresneganBOOM! Studios Image Comics

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Marvel Legacy Awesomeness!

Pick up any Marvel #Legacy title off of the rack today and be entered into a raffle for one of these lenticular cover production samples. (Its just the outer cover, unused). We are donating 10% of our Legacy sales to Hurricane Harvey victims this week. Drawings next Tuesday.

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24 Hour Comic Day is coming!

Hey this is very last minute and intended to be a dry run/ test for a full event next year. (Many apologies, as Hurricane Harvey Relief has been our focus for a while). The event is a way to get artists and writers together to make a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Its amazing…

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Come see Joe Pruett!

Come visit with Joe Pruett, CCO and Publisher of Aftershock Comics. He also is creator/ writer for Black-Eyed Kids by Aftershock. We will have panel time at 6 pm where we will hear about what is coming next for Mr Pruett and Aftershock Comics. Autographs are free. More about Mr Pruett: Pruett broke into the…

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