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Black Friday Sale at Space Cadets

40% off from 9-10 am (you will get a time stamped ticket when you arrive, as long as you arrive before 10:00 am , you will have 1 hour to make your selections and place in your hold pile. All items in hold pile must be purchased. You may ring out at anytime on Friday and still receive your 40% discount for items entering your hold pile before your one hour shopping period is over.)
25% off from 10:01am-8pm.
All items are included with these exceptions: Pull box comics, Pokemon packs (or box sets with sealed Pokemon packs in them), Gift Certificates. For Gaming Gaming, the exclusion is on sealed booster boxes.

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Check This Out!

Just found out that the Justice League pre-signed books which will be given to the first 39 people in line are eligible for CGC signature series since they came straight from DC after signing and have been in our direct control. If you have one of the first 39 wrist bands picked up Sat morning and want this service, please arrange for, fill out paperwork and pay for it then. Thank you

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Justice league day signing

Some info about this event. We will be giving away numbered wrist bands beginning at 10 am Saturday. After you receive a wristband you do not need to join the autograph line until 6pm. When you arrive at 6pm you will need to find your proper numerical place in line (we will have signs posted for each numerical group). You can not join the line without a wristband. If you intend to have an item submitted for CGC, you will need to come by Space Cadets Thurs 10-3 or Friday 10-3 or Sat 10-12 noon. After that time, we will be unable to accept any more CGC paperwork. No outside CGC allowed. Please be respectful in line and patient. Do not leave the line to enter the store to take pictures when Mr Lee and Mr Didio arrive. If you leave the line at any time after Mr Lee and Mr Didio arrive , you will be asked to rejoin at the end of the line, so please plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.

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Want to know more about Doomsday Clock?


From CBR:


Doomsday Clock is the latest comic book event series to be published by DC Comics. Created by frequent collaborators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, it’s a 12 issue maxiseries that is the next big stepping stone in the DC Universe. Expectations have been high for this series even before it was announced. In fact, two years ago, DC Comics relaunched its entire line under the DC Rebirth banner, starting with a massive issue titled DC Universe Rebirth Special #1, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by DC’s biggest artists (including Frank).

The Rebirth Special was a big deal because it ended with a shocking revelation: whatever strange machinations were currently at work in the DCU somehow involved the characters of Watchmen, the brilliant 1987 comic book series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen is a classic, arguably DC’s most iconic graphic novel. It is viewed by many as a perfect piece of fiction that is equal parts a superhero epic and a deconstruction of the superhero story.

Although the seeds were planted in the Rebirth Special over two years ago, Doomsday Clock will be the series that fully brings the Watchmen characters into the DC Universe, after being confined to their graphic novel for the past three decades.


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