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Space Cadets Collection Collection Posts

Think Fast!

Summer is upon us. We all know that means finding things to do! We have lots of fun drop-off camps this summer that your kids will love. click HERE or on the drop-off camps tab. (Hint they both take you to the same spot).

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You Made It Rock!

Wonder Woman Day was amazing at Space Cadets. We had a lot of fun and hope you guys did too. We hope you can come hang out when you can so we can make each other’s day rock again!  Thank you for being amazing customers.

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Check out Space Cadets’ newest Marvel fan, Ryan Matte. Ryan just started collecting 3 weeks ago and just bought his 100th issue. Welcome to The House of Ideas!

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Did someone say ‘Lava Cookies’?

Need more reasons to come play games this Saturday for TableTop Day? How about Lava Cookies and Scotcharoos? Oh that’s right, Miss Viv will be baking up a batch of each! She’s still working on raising money for her trip to Israel. Help out and purchase some deliciositisity! Cash only please.


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