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Space Cadets Collection Collection Posts

New series in 2 weeks! DEADPOOL VS PUNISHER #1 (OF 5)

Frank Castle has an unstoppable will – a powerful drive to punish those who do wrong, rooted in the tragic killing of his family. Wade Wilson has an unstoppable mouth – an unthinking knack for annoying everyone around him, rooted in thinking he’s funny. Both men, however, are among the deadliest on the planet. When they find themselves in disagreement over the criminal known as The Bank, they’re in for one of the most brutal fights of their lives! Can Frank kill Wade over and over without ever dying once himself? Or will Wade bug him until he welcomes death?
Parental Advisory

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The origins of cutie marks, friendships, magic and more are available in this new ongoing series devoted to revealing the secret history of Equestria! In this opening story arc, we travel back in time to uncover the secrets of Starswirl the Bearded and his magical friends!
• Ties into new season of My Little Pony!
• The magic of My Little Pony continues with a brand-new ongoing series!
• From seasoned MLP writer Jeremy Whitley, creator of Princeless, and writer on Marvel’s The Unstoppable Wasp!

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Out in 2 weeks! FLASH #20

The dangerous scientists of Black Hole have been stealing the bodies of dead speedsters, prompting Iris West and The Flash to go deep undercover among them! And in doing so, they discover a shocking secret: a traitor within The Flash’s inner circle!


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New story arc! ACTION COMICS #977

“Superman Reborn Aftermath” part one! Following the epic struggle against [REDACTED], Superman examines his entire history-the birth of Jon, the marriage of Lois and Clark, their lives at the Daily Planet-to discover who tried to destroy his life. Who is waiting in the shadows? Who is Mr. Oz? All questions the Man of Steel cannot answer alone. It is time for him to unite the entire Superman-Family!

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Train like a Super Hero!

Saturday, May 6 at 2 PM – 3 PM @ Space Cadets

Ever wanted to have endurance like Batman, Strength like Hulk or speed and agility like Spider-Man? No super serum required here. Come get a quick workout and see what Camp Gladiator is all about. They’ll help you get into super hero shape. Meet two awesome trainers and learn about the program that will help get you super hero ready in time for summer!

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