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Space Cadets Collection Collection Posts

Show our sister store some love!

Good evening friends! We are participating in a special event from PHD and Alderac. Vote for Space Cadets Gaming Gaming as your Favorite Local Game Store by using #ShowYourStoreSomeLove or by going to
Follow the guidelines, vote for us and if we win, we’ll get a case of AEG’s Love Letter premium edition to give away. In time for valentines day! So show us some love!

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Steve Jackson Games Day

Join us for a full day of Steve Jackson Games goodness! Munchkin, Ogre, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Board Game, Simon’s Cat, Batman Dice game and more!
We’ll have two special tournaments throughout the day; Munchkin Zombies at noon and Ogre at 2 p.m. Prizes available for each game, $5 entry for each.

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D&D Kids

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantastic way for players to get their creative juices flowing. Getting into character as a strong barbarian, mystical wizard, silent elf archer and more. The game features aspects of math, reading and of course creativity. Typically, this game is played by teens to adults. But we at Space Cadets want to get the young ones into the game! We’re offering a special event this Saturday at 2. We’ll have pre-built characters and it’ll be a short campaign just to introduce them to the game. A few spaces are still available.

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