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Woodlands Online Article Featuring Space Cadets

Space Cadets Collection Collection: A comic store that is out of this world

Published 07/16/2015 | By C. Pilgrim

Ready, set, Lego! Located at 27326 Robinson Road, Suite 117, Space Cadets Collection Collection is complete with comic books, card gaming and unique toys. Photo credit: Shelby Olive

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Space Cadets Collection Collection Comics and Toys is a hidden gem nestled in Oak Ridge North, known to residents as a hub for comic books, card gaming, collections, and unique toys. There really is something for everyone at the store, and that becomes very apparent to customers as they walk in. Rows and rows of shelves are home to hundreds of comic books. Gaming cards, toys and figures from books, television shows and films recognizable to almost anyone can be found throughout the store.


What really makes Space Cadets Collection Collection stand out is the weekly events the store hosts. Join the Pokemon League, Hero Clix League, Marvel Dice Masters League, and much more. Customers can surround themselves with others who have just as much passion for a certain game, league, or comic book series. There is even a Board Game Night, where anyone can come to the store, bring a board game, and invite friends!


To get customers excited about new comic books about to debut, Space Cadets has started a segment on their YouTube channel titled “Minute to Skim It.” Staff at the comic book store will sit down and discuss the books so that viewers get a chance to hear a review before the book even comes out.


“Every Tuesday night, books come in and they go on sale on Wednesday,” said Robert Harris, Comic Book Manager. “So what we do is after we finish processing them, we will pick about five or six that we want our customers to know about when they come in on Wednesday morning. Essentially, someone reads the book and they have a minute about each book to give the highlights.”


“Strange Fruit,” published by BOOM! Studios and written by J.G. Jones and Mark Waid, is a book that was included on last week’s episode of “Minute to Skim It,” and is one that Harris highly recommends.


While customers check out the new books in the store, they can even enjoy a meal or snack without having to leave! Lava Cookie Counter Cafe, located inside Space Cadets Collection Collection, serves quality food and drinks with upstanding customer service. From soups, sandwiches, salads and flatbreads to specialized coffee drinks and desserts, there is a wide-range of items to select from that even the pickiest of taste buds will enjoy. A must-try at Lava Cookie? The lava cookie, of course. With a touch of cayenne, the delicious cookie is unlike any other.


Since opening in 2010, Space Cadets Collection Collection has only continued to grow. Each year, Space Cadets has a booth at Comicpalooza, an international comic convention, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. However, with the store’s growth, Space Cadets decided to host their own comic con last year, Cadets Con, and with its success, will host another this August.


“We plan to have a pretty big turnout,” said Harris “It will be a different setup than last year where there will be a lot more tables and vendors who will be selling their own things. It is going to be fantastic.”


Cadets Con will take place on August 22 at Space Cadets Collection Collection, located at 27326 Robinson Road, Suite 117. The event will feature different local artists as well as sketch cover extraordinaire expert, Jeff Edwards.


For more information about Space Cadets Collection Collection Comics and Toys and the Cadets Con event, visit the link provided below.




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Tom Carlton Painted Comic Cover Commissions

You need to provide your own blank cover comic and pay $2 toward shipping costs. Items to be picked up from the artist at Space City Comic Con July 24-26th. Please provide us with a detailed description of what you want on the cover so that we can let the artist know. Spaces are limited to 8 total covers. Must be paid in full by July 1st. Call 281-298-1111 for more info.

Here are some examples of his work:

CarltonAlien CarltonJason400 Carltonpredator400 CarltonZombie400

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It takes a village. Local comic book store believes this is true.

When Space Cadets opened in 2010, it had one main goal in mind: To create community within it’s walls. What you find there will be so much more than all the newest comics, toys and collectibles. You will find the feeling of family.  Jen King, the owner, has a real heart for her customers. On any given day you will find her carrying around a baby and it won’t be hers. It will be a customers baby, as she loves any opportunity to give her patrons a break and a chance to shop hands-free (her own kids are teenagers and she misses the baby cuddles).  Does your 7 year old want to learn how to play chess? Come on in and ask. She loves to teach. Don’t know how to use Ebay? She’ll plop you down in front of the computer to teach you. “I wanted to build a business where everyone felt welcome and felt comfortable to stay as long as they liked and to make life-long friends”, says Ms. Jen, as her customers call her. Ms. Vivian, owner of the Lava Cookie Café, inside of Space Cadets, also takes every opportunity to give comfort to her customers with amazing food and conversations. Want to have a half hour conversation about the which is the best movie musical? Ms. Vivian is your girl. No one is more excited about Pitch Perfect 2 than she is.

We found this great article about a professor who has the same attitude about his students and classes that Space Cadets has about it’s customers.



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