Consignment & Layaway



We realize that many of our customers have collectibles that they want to sell, but don't have the time or experience to sell the items themselves. We do! So we offer a consignment program. Bring your collectibles to us to look over and let you know what we are currently taking in. Open a consignment account and leave your items with us We look them up to value them using current market value and list them for you on eBay, post to our live sales, and/or put out on your sales floor. When the items sell, our consignment system assigns half of the value to your account and half to ours (we pay all of the listing fees, etc out of our portion). You can come in or call twice a month and pick up a check, have us deposit your earnings into your Paypal account, or you can leave it in the system and use it to buy items in our shop. We currently have 900+ happy consignors from 5 states using our program.


Our layaway is simple. Pick out items that you want and bring them to the register. Put 25% down (non-refundable) and you have 2 months to pay for your layaway items. This allows you to secure wanted collectibles and be able to pay for them over multiple paychecks.

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