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Next Destinies Pokemon release plus new Nintendo plush

Pokemon : Next Destinies was released today nationwide. We have packs for 3.69 (4.00 with tax) and theme decks for 13.99. We also have 9 pocket portfolios for 11.99 and 4 pocket portfolios for 7.99. We had a record breaking 145 people come for our Pre-Release tournament on Saturday and the big card to collect is the Mewtwo card currently valued at 60-70 dollars!

More info:

We have a Draft tournament on Saturday at 3pm. It costs $20 and you will recieve 5 packs of Next Destinies. This is a great way to get some of the new cards and trade for ones you need after the tournament.

We also jus received Ulta-Pro Pro fit card sleeves. They are 3.99 for 100 sleeves.

We now have some really cool new Nintendo plush: A large Kirby plush 10 inches tall and wide (24.99), a small Kirby plush dangler (11.99) , a large 12″ tall Mario (24.99), a large 10″ tall Bowser (24.99) and a large 12″ tall Link (24.99) We have the cheapest prices on Ebay or Amazon.

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